Welcome! We appreciate your interest.

Every now and then we have “Field Days” in one of our gardens. These are days when a bunch of great people come together to dig a new garden, build trellises or do some of the bigger jobs that really require many hands to make light work.

Our next Field Day is on Saturday, May 5 2012!

You don’t need to have any experience but you do need to be prepared to work quite hard! These days are usually fun and rewarding. There is a nice energy that develops when a group of people are tilling the earth together and can see what they have accomplished at the end of the day. It’s akin to a “barn raising” event and you feel wind swept and wholesome when you go home (well, I do!).

Field days are often in the shoulder seasons so we start later (9:30) and finish earlier (4:30) and usually will have an optional potluck at 5pm to finish off the day. You are welcome to join for all or part of the day and potluck.

For more information on joining the farm team as an intern or just to see what’s involved with working on the farm, please read the Workshare information.

What to bring:

  • gloves, sun/rain hat, knee pads, cup or water bottle, etc. whatever you may need to keep you well
  • your lunch (we’ll be sitting on the grass outside)
  • spade and rake if you have them (and can bring them on your mode of transport)
  • other tools that may help in lifting sod, digging, moving soil (wheelbarrow, sod lifter, rototiller…)
  • your favourite potluck dish for an early dinner

Thank you again for your interest!