get involved

Thinking of gardening with us or sharing your land?

As you likely know, the price we pay for our food – even the pricier, local, organically grown vegetables –  does not accurately reflect the actual cost of production. Farming,  including urban farming, is a labour of love that often relies on subsidies and the larger community to run. Farming families used to be big for a reason! At Aylmer Backyard Farms the farm family is made up of supportive neighbours, foodies and students from as far away as Ottawa, gardeners from Chelsea, appreciative local customers, Aylmer home-owners, friends and workshare members that are dedicated to local, organically grown food, hard work, the outdoors and the environment. This is the team that ensures a steady supply of beautiful, fresh vegetables throughout the summer. Join us!

If you too are interested in getting involved, learning about gardening/urban farming and food in general or just want a day outdoors chopping wood, carrying water (read: weeding), we would love to hear from you. Please click on the links below to find out more about the three main ways to get involved on the production side of things.

cabbage, fall 2010

join a workshare? seasonal commitment in return for learning and a basket of veggies

volunteer? just feel like working with the earth one day…

share your land? let someone else do the work!