growing methods

Aylmer Backyard Farms grows ‘organically’*
(see bottom of page for explanation of the quotation marks).

We do not use pesticides, herbicides nor chemicals of any nature for any aspect of our production, processing, etc. We use organic seeds whenever direct seeding and buy all of our transplants from organic farms. We produce compost the way organic farmers produce compost and are known to haul buckets of good shit from our friends’ farms in the back of our little Corolla (in 2011 we upgraded to a little blue truck!). Okay, I guess rural farmers don’t do it quite like that.

Comfrey is a fantastic, natural fertilizer

Aylmer Backyard Farms reuses all of its packaging materials (but will dispose of them in a sound manner before they become unhygienic!). We use water wisely and are working towards meeting all our fertiliser (compost) needs from material produced on the farm. Pest control is usually a daily chore done by hand and plant by plant.

If we need something a little stronger, we use home-made concoctions and on the odd occasion we use pest control products that have been certified for organic production.

*I put ‘organic’ in quotations because we are not certified. Organic certification is not an option for our urban farm at this time. I respect the commitment, efforts and investment made by farmer friends and others who are certified and am a strong advocate of certification. Please read more about the imporance of organics and certification.