local, organic sunflower oil

first cold pressed on the farm, not far from here!

Farmer Loic beside one of his sunflower fields

Farmer Loic beside one of his sunflower fields. Photo Ottawa Citizen

Aylmer Backyard Farms was one of the first and only providers in the region of this phenomenal specialty item. Although the trend has caught on, we are still able to provide it at our original price. Grown within two hours of Aylmer in Les Cédres, Québec – it boasts to be the only, locally grown oil available. A wonderful oil that can be used both raw as well as for cooking. Sunflower oil is high in Vitamin E and is even a wonderful massage oil. For more details, have a look  at the article that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen last year.  Gold in them there fields – Ottawa Citizen, July 2010

500ml bottle – $10.00
1L bottle – $15

Each 1L bottle contains the oil of 150 glorious sunflowers.

Certified Organic by EcoCert.