gratitude – 2012

A rainy afternoon in the middle – or perhaps the end? – of a drought. What a perfect time to express my long overdue gratitude to so many people in this community of friends, family, neighbours and people of Aylmer.

Please note that the order in which names and events appear are random! Don’t try to find any meaning in it. Have a look at my gratitude 2011 page for many, many previous thank yous and return here regularly for updates of gratitude.

Thank you to this year’s CSA members who are taking the risk of signing up with me in my first year (attempt) at providing a weekly box of vegetables: Chantel, Jen and Marc-André, Eliot, Audrey, Maxime, Marisol and Edward, Dora, Pierre et Ninon, Laurence et Isabelle, Sharon, Bronwyn, Donna, Kim and Emma, Sarah, Lynn, Gillie and Huffy and Kaia. Thanks Everyone.

and a special thanks to Eliot for being an incredible host – both of the weekly vegetable pick up spot but also for what has turned in to an excuse to share a lovely, crisp glass of white wine! Gracias Eliot.

Merci à Anh Tuh for all her quick and helpful translations of emails to my list (and to all my email list subscribers for their patience and forgiveness all those times that I unintentionally sent out an irrelevant email and exposed all of their addresses. I find it terribly distressing whenever I do it).

Thank you to Anh Tuh and Sidney and Liam – the owners of our newest plot – for your trust and for all the help with irrigation, earwigs, weeds and especially the cucumber beetle! What a year to start a garden: drought, pests and weeds in abundance!

Thank you to Lynn and Martine who edited (translated) so many of my new French web pages. Lynn went ahead and translated pages without being asked and dropped them off in my mailbox one spring evening. Very kind. Lynn also came out to the Fête de Semences this year and promoted Aylmer Backyard Farms like crazy along with lovely Skye, and Kyla, who is back on the farm again this year. They both helped prepare for the Fête by folding more than 200 little packages of seeds as give-aways, among other arts and crafts. Thank you amigas.

A big THANKS to Rob of Songberry Organic Farm for so many lovely transplants and for pep talks, seedling drop offs and particularly for dealing with my many versions of excel order sheets! It has been a difficult and busy season and Rob still responds kindly whenever I “call”.  Also thank you to Rob for the beautiful garlic that I bought from him a few years ago now and that has become my staple called “Brook”.

I had better start inserting my thanks to Andrew in here again… this year seems to be even more full-on than last (see gratitude 2011). All pillow talk is about “the farm”. Drought, insects, failing infrastructure, people management, too much food, too little food, running out of seeds, earwigs, back ache, etc etc. This is what Andrew wakes up to and…. falls asleep to.

Thank you Jack Lytle, organic farmer of 42+ years, for your constant wisdom. Every time I start to worry about something  – my wash station, late fruiting tomatoes, not enough rain, too much rain – I can speak to Jack and get some perspective. He’s seen most things before (although even Jack has not been through a drought quite like this year’s) and if he hasn’t he still doesn’t fret!

My very kind and generous mother-in-law, Marg, who drives over from Nepean almost every Saturday to buy our veggies and Andrew’s fabulous granola. The original recipe actually came from Marg so for that too: Thank you Mom.

And Lise, another regular “drive-over” from the other side of our great Ottawa River. I think I have thanked her before for her great mind and big heart but just in case: Thank you so much Lise.

My brother just asked me what the best part of farming this summer has been so far and I responded: best thing about farming this summer….the eggplant. the appreciation of the customers. the incredible taste of all our meals. andrew’s support/generosity. the fact that i can grow this stuff!! the monarch butterflies and all the bees….

of course i cannot “grow this stuff” without a team! i will thank them at some point but in the meantime, you can have a peek at them here.