These are my thank you pages. They are always in process. I have been wanting to compile them for ages. The people I have to thank continues to grow and grow and grow. Just now, my neighbour Guy, dropped off a bunch of little baskets for me to use at the vegetable stand. Yesterday, I came home to another bunch of baskets and a bag of elastics. It is very sweet to think of the people in the community and in my life in general who are connected to what I do and who make it possible for me to do something I love so much.

So here is my growing thank you list in no order whatsoever.  Some people, I have been thanking in my mind for years, and yet they may only be at the end of the list…. If I had to create an order for fear that someone might take it personally, it would never happen.

Gratitude 2011

Gratitude 2012

Thank you

I am slowly but surely uploading photos of the many people I am grateful to. Most of them will appear in Farm Photos and Updates.




Mr and Mrs Hendrick

Skye (eating a seed potato)




Brian and Gerred Hendrick