the beauty of calendula

in the field,  in the basket, in the dehydrator, in the bottle….

This year I grew calendula for my good friend Magdalena Tomczak of Woman Divine. Many of the pictures here (the good ones) are stolen from her website. She is an amazing photographer. Her treatments are just as amazing: go! be transformed. She really does make you feel (and look) divine.

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A summer email to Magdalena:

Aug 1

to Magdalena

When I harvest the flowers, the bees are pollinating and buzzing around me and in the flowers. I feel very lucky to be working alongside them. It makes me happy!
I should say bumble bees because there are not many bees around…and that makes me sad. But I’ll stick with the happiness for now.


Like This Page · September 27

INFUSION |inˈfyoō zh ən|
a drink, remedy, or extract prepared by soaking the leaves of a plant or herb in liquid.
• the process of preparing such a drink, remedy, or extract.
This one is 100% local 100% organic, grown, picked and prepared by people who care:) Brewing as we speak!…on my window sill:)
CALENDULA by Anne Janssen from
SUNFLOWER OIL by Huiles d’Amerique by a local eco certified sunflower oil producer
CALENDULA OIL by Magdalena from Woman

This afternoon Anne Janssen from @ has delivered to my house (on her bike) this years last batch of calendula flowers:( I am going to miss the weekly deliveries of these beautiful grown with love flowers. Anne is the best and I am very grateful for all the hard work she has put into growing, picking and delivering (she lives down the street from me ) calendula!. It has been a busy summer for me as well dehydrating the petals and infusing oils… now, all ready to deal with any sensitive skin problems…lots of beautiful flowers for your face:)
Ps. I took a picture of the last batch… hope you like:)
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