Spring 2013: a little update

Dear friends and customers,

I hope you have had a great winter and are ready for spring.

Every now and then, especially on a day like today, I can almost smell the earth and my imagination runs wild. I feel the soil between my fingers and get excited that soon I will again see hints of green emerging. Green that is not quite identifiable and that I go and check on every day (sometimes twice!). Passersby may wonder what I am looking at since my nose is so close to the ground. When I remember what plant it is and what flower it will become I feel so happy and satisfied. Even unwanted weeds can have this effect in the spring!

This email is to let you know that after three wonderful years, I will not be selling my veggies again this year.

When I think of all you lovely regulars and our weekly interactions, I feel sad. But I am happy because I am going to be learning new skills (farming relatedl) this year while looking (and moving) to a larger piece of property in the country somewhere. I am eager now to have a longer term relationship with a piece of land.

I will still be growing vegetables so depending on the harvest, I might offer one-offs every now and then and will let you know through this email list (please let me know if you would like to unsubscribe). Hopefully, you’ll still be able to enjoy some of our hyper-local fresh vegetables when eating the Boulangerie Aux Deux Frères’ delicious pizzas. For those of you that have been wanting to come and garden, you are still welcome to come out for a couple of hours when the mood strikes you.

I am sorry that I won’t be supplying some of you with your weekly vegetables. It has been an honour to do so and I am grateful to all of you who supported this passion and endeavour. May you all be healthy and well and continue to eat beautiful, healthy food.

Thank you.
p.s. If you would like me to send you a list of CSA farmers (organic) in the area, please send me an email. Another great way to get local veggies is through the MSRO (it’s not all organic but they have a whole lot more than just vegetables) or Emile Peloquin.

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