Good food in the Aylmer Area

Please note: this list was prepared for my previous customers based in Aylmer, so it does not include all the superb organic farms offering CSAs in the Ottawa area and on the Ontario side of the river.

If you decide to sign up with any of these folks, it would be really nice if you could tell them that I recommend them!


  • HLF deliver to Bio-horticentre Meristème in Aylmer
  • Vallons de Sources deliver to Deschenes area, Aylmer
  • Ferme la Rosée deliver to Aylmer but not sure where
  • Juniper Farm deliver to Chelsea and Ottawa. They also do the popular locavore share which is fantastic. I am working on their farm 1 – 2 days/week
  • Ferme Lévetôt

Check out Equiterre’s website for more Quebec based CSA’s.

On-line Ordering

  • Marché de Solidarité Regional de l’Outaouis:  Terrific food co-op with pick-up in Hull all year round (you can buy products from most of the farms in the region through them. Not all organic.).
  • Bryson Farms in Bryson and Emile Peloquin in Aylmer deliver year round to your door. You buy on-line and can pick and choose. They also offer a large variety of good non-local foods as well as processed/frozen

Farmers Markets

  • Old Chelsea Market – There are currently no vegetable producers lined up for the Chelsea Market this year. They may still end up finding farmers as the summer goes on.
  • Old Hull Market
  • Wakefield Market
  • The Ottawa Farmers Market
  • Westboro Farmers Market  (new market
  • Main Street Market (St. Pauls)

See Croquez Outaouais and Just Food for more info on markets in the Outaouais and Ottawa respectively.

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