Tomatillos are coming up right now, and they love the heat, so this is their year. The classic thing to do with tomatillos is make Salsa Verde, which is delicious, easy and fun to cook.

You assemble a ratio of, say, 4:1:1 of tomatillos, jalepenos and this year’s very excellent Aylmer Backyard Farm garlic. You can vary the ratio according to taste or use different hot peppers, little onions instead of garlic or whatever. Put a cast iron pan on high heat. No oil. Peel off the paper from the tomatillos, but not your garlic cloves.

Throw it all into the hot dry pan! Seriously scorch the heck out of everything. You want to stir stuff around so there are blackened bits on as much of the surfaces as possible. Takes maybe five minutes.

Then you can slide your garlic out of its peels, stem and seed the jalepenos, and throw it all into the food processor. If you’re a fan of spicy heat, leave some seeds in the jalepenos. For this batch, I sort of casually removed most of the seeds, without getting too fussy, and it was pretty hot. Gets hotter the longer you keep it, too. So be careful.

You’re ordinarily supposed to add some raw white onion at this point, but I didn’t have any, so I used green onions instead. About a half to 3/4 of a cup, white parts, chopped. A little salt. A handful of fresh cilantro. Pulse it up. You’re done. Serve it with chips or on burritos or eggs or steak or whatever.

Words and pictures: Rob Bitschofsky

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