More Scapes

Scapes are only around for the blink of an eye, so you’ve gotta pounce on ’em while they’re here.

I put some scape bullets into burgers. You know, the way you might use onions in a burger. You don’t want to chop them too much, because an overcooked scape is a dreary scape. Make them like the picture, above.

Grill them, grill your buns, top them with some Backyard Farm greens.

I also whipped up a pesto with scapes instead of the usual garlic, and a batch of spinach and basil that Kyla grew.

I put a handful of spinach and a handful of basil leaves into my little food chopper along with the scapes, and some almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (since I didn’t have the usual pine nuts or walnuts on hand). A big sploosh of a really nice California olive oil. A bunch of chunks of Parmesan. Lots of salt and pepper.

Toss with spaghetti. Scape heaven!

Words and pictures: Rob Bitschofsky

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