Kyla’s Roman Arugula Pizza

Ky brought home a great batch of arugula from the farm, and we had some Niagara prosciutto that was a little too salty. The solution? Kyla’s Roman pizza. Now, I like making pizza, but with me it’s always a big operatic production, with yeasts and rising times and the oven burning at top temperature and filling the house with smoke. Kyla, on the other hand, just whips ’em up Roman-style, in half the time it would take the pizza man to arrive.

For one pizza:

150 g flour
Dash of salt
Just under half a cup of water

Place the flour on a wooden cutting board, adding water bit by bit until you have a soft, elastic dough that doesn’t stick to your fingers.

Work the dough for two to three minutes until you have a moist ball. Sprinkle a bit of flour so it doesn’t stick to the board.

Roll the dough out into a small pizza, and place it in a very hot cast iron frying pan, cooking until the bottom has formed a crispy crust. Then flip it over and do the same to the other side. Cooking time: approx. five minutes.

Add your ingredients just before the pizza is ready. In this case, a little film of pesto, a layer of the salty prosciutto, and then a heap of arugula. You can stick a lid on there for a minute or two if you wanna get everything extra-hot.

Buon appetito!


Pictures: Rob Bitschofsky; words: Kyla and Rob.

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