Tharani’s Cilantro Chutney / Dip

Green Chutney. Photo: Tharani

Here is a delicious recipe from Tharani – one of my lovely customers who usually buys three big bunches of cilantro – each week! – along with whatever garlic item there may be (scapes, scallions, bulbs)  also in bunches of three!

Tharani at the veggie stall. Early autumn 2011

Cilantro recipe

Steam 2 bunches (bunches like the ones you sell) of cilantro for 10 min

Add a clove of garlic and one red chili

Add half a cup of scraped coconut

Half a teaspoon of salt

Blend everything with a hand blender.

Add fresh lime juice to taste and enjoy with a bowl of rice or even use the cilantro as a dip/chutney.

I always cook with my senses and never with a recipe….

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