meet the team!

I have been wanting to introduce the 2012 farm team for several weeks now but it has been too busy outside to work on it. Today is a rainy day and the internet is actually working, so here follow a few pictures of this great team: Dora, Kayla, Kyla, Leanne, Mathilde, Sarah, Tyler and Andrew. Hana also comes out and volunteers regularly for a couple of hours while Rhona and Anja helped us kick off the season.

Leanne is tracking her Backyard Farming Extravaganza on her Sustainable Eating blog. Anja blogged about her time on the farm. Check out Organic Occurances.

Kyla rototilling the new Crescent plot

Leanne organising the garage

Anja planting Kale

Sarah weeding

Rhona Tea Break

Hana cutting yoghurt containers as plant collars to protect from the cutworm.

Tyler weed whacking.

Dora also weed whacking.

Mathilde showing off our fine carpentry skills. This is now our cuke trellis…!

Andrew taking down the weekly wash station.

And here are some more random shots of the gang in action.

Anja blogging

Sarah building Mathilde’s dog fence

Leanne and farmer Jack labeling the tomato seedlings.

Banana Break?! Anja, Kyla, Anne and Rachelle.

Tyler building a pea support.

Rhona and Hana building the bean trellis at Crescent

Sarah putting hoops over the eggplant (flea beetles!)

Leanne potting up plants for market

Cuke Trellis – it’s not so bad. it’s sturdy…

Mathilde building the fence

Peanut Butter Sandwich Break?! Anja, Sarah and Kayla.

Kyla getting out the quack grass.

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