farm visits

The last couple of years, I have bought all my beautiful plants from Alex and Juniper (Juniper Farm) and Jack Lytle. This year Jack and Rob Wallbridge (Songberry Organic Farm) grew all the seedlings. Alex, Jack and Rob are terrific organic farmers from this region. Jack has been farming organically for more than 40 years. Rob grew up on a farm. All their plants were grown in rich, nutritious compost and have now been transplanted into the gardens.  Hopefully we set them off with sweet blessings that they will be healthy. The pests this spring have been intense – there is not one crop that has been spared the interest of one pest or another. Ahh, not sure why I mentioned that since this post is about our May farm visits…. Leanne and my visit to Jack and Rob’s farms and Juniper’s visit to our gardens with her interns April and Sarah.

Rob, Anne and Leanne in Rob’s greenhouse. Photo taken by Rob’s lovely, young daughter, Jasmine.

From greenhouse to Corolla. The boot was packed full too.

Jack cutting the tomatoes out of flats.

Leanne and Jack sorting out which tomatoes we are taking (beside one of Jack’s truck of tomato transplants).

Juniper (with Raphael) at the Eardley plot.

Sarah and April from Juniper Farm join Tyler and Leanne to dig in the alfalfa – the urban garden way: by hand.

Juniper and April at the Brook plot.

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