introducing… local ORGANIC maple syrup

we are very happy to be carrying this wonderful new product…there is only one other supplier in the region (in Ottawa) so come out on Saturday and get a jar.

Medium Amber certified organic maple syrup.

$10 for 540ml

Regular maple syrup goes for the same price at all the local grocery stores while organic sells for around $13+.  This should really not be the main attraction, but I know we all like a good deal!

The best part is that you will be supporting a lovely, small farm initiative:

Brigitte Turcot et Martin Roy inherited their family’s sugar bush near Mont Tremblant. and started producing maple syrup in 2009.

Why choose organic maple syrup?

Strict organic guidelines include limiting the number of taps per tree, ensuring diversity in the forest to ensure farmers don’t cut down other competing tree species, using only stainless steel tanks and boilers and using all-natural cleaning products on the equipment.

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