Loads of Hay from the Hendrick Farm

I use quite a lot of hay or straw or a combination of such things and have been lucky enough to get both from Mr. Hendrick most years. This year, instead of the nice, square, expensive, manageable bales, I ‘upgraded’ to the massive, 500kg, round bales that max out my little truck. I love these big bales and Mr. Hendrick has dozens of them. Brian Hendrick, Vince Hendrick’s son, and Jerrid, Brian’s son, are kind enough to start up the tractor and load me up each time. It’s fun to arrive home in suburbia and park the load on our little driveway.  Urban farming…

Andrew emailed this pic to my family (the bale is bigger than it appears here – i’m standing on a foot high ledge). My mam responded:

From: Anna Janssen
Sent: 11/10/2011 7:25 PM
To: Andrew Dumbrille
Subject: Re: Farmer arrives home

Hi Andrew. What is it exactly Andrew? It looks like a black elephant to me!

On 11/10/2011 6:49 PM, Andrew Dumbrille wrote:
I couldn’t believe my eyes when this arrived in the driveway. Do you think you got enough Anne?
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Brian and Jerrid tying it up before take off - just in case

Victoria ready to unload the hay and roll it down the hill to the field

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