summer workshare comes to an end: thank you crew!

This is the last week of the summer workshare program. Since mid-May, Armel, Kyla, Rhona, Sarah (and Andrew) have dedicated time to come out and consistently help in the gardens. Each of them added a special touch and it was their contribution that allowed Aylmer Backyard Farms to provide fresh, healthy, beautiful vegetables to a small, but discerning,  group of Aylmerites. They have slogged it out in the heat, the cold, the rain, the sun and they tussled with row-cover, built all kinds of contraptions, hauled fire-hose, harvested veggies, washed veggies, talked to veggies, loved veggies AND, of course, weeded more than they have ever weeded before in their life and likely ever will (I don’t think any one of them is thinking of becoming an organic farmer)! They also endured the bugs. Bugs that seemed to stay with us all summer long and that are out in force right now too.

Armel has tremendous flexibility and soooo many skills. Anything and everything that he built stayed standing and stable through the many storms and winds of the summer. A first in these gardens!

Kyla being eaten by blackflies while weeding the kale

Kyla was the constant – every, single Monday morning- ready to go and in a good mood. She worked carefully,  methodically and even gratefully. What a blessing and what a great start to the week.

Rhona resting for a moment from the cumbersome task of putting row cover over the garlic

Rhona has her way. She pays close attention to instructions, tries things out and then figures out a good system, usually a better one than what I had suggested. I could do anything with Rhona. Even the most awkward jobs, she would patiently, and without judgement, work them out with me.

Sarah. Ah, Sarah. If it wasn’t for Sarah’s enthusiasm and encouragement early on, I probably wouldn’t even have undertaken this project in the first place. Sarah was my partner at the veggie stall almost every Saturday and then still squeezed in some days in the fields on top of her full-time job. When I hear rocks fall in to buckets, I think of Sarah…with so much appreciation. She is rock-solid and a great ally.

Thank you Armel. Thank you Kyla. Thank you Rhona. Thank you Sarah.

There were of course even more cohorts in the fields, but this page is in honour of these four who were part of the season from beginning to end.  Please see the ever expanding gratitude page (and return often if you don’t see your name there yet…).

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