my grandpa was a farmer…

here is an inspiring note i received from my good friend, dedicated customer, neighbour and the person who has, for many years now, transported me to a deeply relaxed space whenever i receive a treatment from her. not once have i not raved about her magical hands after a treatment. Magdalena is also a deeply creative person. See her pic of our garlic below. And, if you are a woman in the Ottawa area: GO SEE HER! really.

From: Magdalena Tomczak <>
Date: August 30, 2011 11:16:56 PM EDT (CA)
To: “Anne Janssen”
Subject: hi

Hi Anne,
I was feeling a little creative. Maybe you like it, maybe you do not.
Summer is coming to an end I am already thinking how much I am going to miss all the lovely food you grow. I very much wanted to photograph your absolutely delicious heirloom tomatoes but oops, we ate them to fast:)). I hope to get my hands on them before the end of the season (hope it is not too late) and make some ‘sun dried’ in my dehydrator.
When I eat your greens and all the other goodies I am immediately transported back to my childhood in Poland. You see, my grandpa was a farmer and I have spent many beautiful summers on his farm. I can appreciate the hard, honest work which goes into growing food and I can also appreciate the value of food coming from an organic farmer. So dear Anne, thank you so so much. You DO make our lives better.
Love you and your garlic too,

Magdalena Tomczak
holistic skin care therapist
woman divine holistic skin care clinic
613 2167676

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