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Introducing Red Russian Kale

Here is a bit of information and a few recipe ideas that might turn you on to “Red Russian” Kale, a gorgeous heirloom variety of kale with pinkish-purple stems and veins and almost silvery leaves. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse. … Continue reading

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when neighbours join in

recently, my lovely neighbour, Isabelle, joined Sarah and I in the gardens. It was so nice to have her there. While Sarah turned the compost, built a new sieve, Isabelle harvested edible flowers for the lettuce mix and weeded the … Continue reading

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Sarah rounding up the extension cords

there is beauty among the weeds but…they are still completely out of control…so we have been using, unsucessfully, a whipper-snipper. it really is out of desperation seeing as it also requires us to use about 10 extremely long extension cords. … Continue reading

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