Why Organic Popcorn?

this page is gleaned from another wonderful popcorn producer’s website: Nature’s Way Organics

US FDA data has shown that popcorn grown with chemicals has toxic residues. That is why eating organic will lower your exposure to them and with a high fibre content make it a healthy whole grain food.

• In an FDA study, non-organic popcorn was found to be one of the top ten most contaminated foods
• Non-organic popcorn was listed as containing toxic chlordane, dieldrin and toxaphene; which have been linked to cancer, blood disorders, skin disorders, birth defects, and many other disorders

Why is popcorn a great snack?

• Excellent source of dietary fiber
• Low in fat and saturated fat
• Cholesterol, sodium, and gluten free
• Contains energy-producing carbohydrates
• Is a whole grain food which makes it a complex carbohydrate
• Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel – the bran, germ, and endosperm. (In oppose to refined grains that remove the bran and germ which contain essential nutritional value)
• Low in calories (31-55 cal. In one cup of unbuttered, lightly buttered 133 calories)
• According to FDA, studies have shown that whole grains may help reduce the risk of obtaining heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers.

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