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100-Mile Backyard Farming: Ripe for the picking

Down-home natural goodness is just outside the back door By Laura Robin, The Ottawa Citizen June 29, 2011 OTTAWA — Anne Janssen lives with her husband in a two-storey red brick house with a two-car garage. Their home is on … Continue reading

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Fresh bread, local, organic produce all in Aylmer!

Vol. 30, No. 25.   29 juin / June 29  Farmers Market, sort of Fresh bread, local, organic produce all in Aylmer! Aylmerites in search of fresh, local, organic food should visit La Boulangerie aux Deux Frères on Saturday mornings, when … Continue reading

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Kyla and Nieve’s garlic scape ideas

while having our usual morning tea break this past Monday, Nieves shared another one of her delicious, mostly raw, always nutritious, recipes. Kyla suggested it be added to our farm’s blog, so here it is (it is now the featured … Continue reading

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Nieves’ Garlic Scape Pesto

Nieves worked on the farm for part of the summer. One morning after the garlic scape harvest, while having our usual tea break, Nieves brought out one of her nutritious snacks: scape pesto. It is delicious a bunch of garlic … Continue reading

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Season opens!

Leaving one of the backyard farm plots for the 450 metre drive to the boulangerie. There aren’t many carbon miles in our veggies.

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E-Coli: 90% sprout contamination is conventional, not organic

excerpt from Cornucopia’s News Advisory, June 6 2011 Regardless of which food turns out to have been contaminated with deadly E. coli, it is important to remember that the underlying cause of new, highly toxic strains of foodborne pathogens seems … Continue reading

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more pics from the farm june 4

Fraser, Armel, Sarah, Rhona, Skye, Andrew and Anne: tomato stakes, garlic weeding, taking a break and building a bean trellis on the Eardley and Brook street plots, June 4.

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recent moments on “the farm”

Hauling out the fancy proteknet row cover. Seeding carrots with the Earthway precision seeder. Kyla and Nieves digging out 20 year old roots of goldenrod and quack grass so that….        the domesticated tomato can be planted.

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planting your own garden?

As requested, this year we have a small selection of beautiful plants for sale. All of the vegetable starters are grown by two local, organic farmers who produce top quality veggies and use beautiful earth and compost for everything they … Continue reading

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